Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coyote calls... no one answers...

Dinner time!
Varmint Al MP3 sounds
Nodak Outdoors Homemade E-caller
Nodak Outdoors making your own E- caller
Predator Masters wireless remote speaker MP3 caller
Predator calling sequences
Types of coyote calls
Howlers of heritage
How to call coyotes
Calling coyotes
Thomas Neuberger On Coyotes: How To Call And When To Shoot
- Kayser, Mark. "5 dastardly, deadly, and downright dirty tactics for calling winter coyotes". Field & Stream.
- Clancy, Gary. "The coyote crying game". Outdoor Life. Dec 1994 v194 n6 p60(4).
- Gese, Eric M. and Robert L. Ruff. "Howling by coyotes (canis latrans): variation among social classes, seasons, and pack sizes". National Wildlife Research Center. 1997.

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