Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coyote behavior

- active throughout the year
- principally nocturnal - peak in early evening. May forage during daylight in summer
- hunt singly, in pairs, packs of 3 to 8
- travel single file - if pairs - along game trails and road cuts
- hunting alone - takes small mammals
- hunting in packs - may hunt deer of elk. Two or more may chase large animal 400m
- fastest canine - 40MPH
- leap 14 feet in the air
- holds tail between hind legs while running
- strong swimmer
- territorial
-- body postures
-- Facial expressions
-- scent marking
--- rocks, bushes, stumps, bases of trees. Defecates on small ridges and elevated sites along hunting trails. Scent gland on top of tail about 2" from base - rubs secretion on trees and bushes as individual recognition.
-- vocalizations
--- yip, yelp, howl, growl, bark, woof
--- Canine communications
- commonly rests in a concealed spot on brushy hillsides
- large carcass - will eat organs first and pick bones clean

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