Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From the beginning of June

I thought I would go for a quick walk in the woods the other evening. I brought along a .45 and my video camera instead of my usual DSLR. As I started up the road, I thought I saw a glimpse of a light color that disappeared when I looked back up - explainable by sunlight.

I continued walking, and spooked two deer that took off running.

Usually, as I get closer to the end of the road, I can feel the hairs on my neck stand up and tingling in my spine like I'm being watched.

If it's friendly or ambivalent, we'll continue on our own way. If it's hostile and persists, there's a couple extra magazines...

So, I got to the end of the road, heard a deer up on the hill snorting at me. I turned around and headed back out.

I got halfway back out, when it happened...

What kind of animal makes a heavy, plodding sound moving through the brush (besides Bigfoot Roll Eyes Wink and the Wolfman who was reported seen in the general area 45 years ago)? It also doesn't run when you throw fist-sized rocks in the vicinity... No other cars in the lot. No "Hey, stop throwing rocks at me!" Whatever it was didn't come out of the brush to make a youtube debut...

As I focused intently on the area, the sound abruptly stopped. Was it sizing me up and decided I was too ready? I heard birds chirping all the way up and back, except at this time - maybe I tuned them out.

I headed for the truck, pausing to look behind me every so often.

So... Opossum? Raccoon? A bear was picked up in the area a couple years ago and transplanted. A couple others have been spotted and escaped.

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