Friday, October 17, 2008

unexpected praise note...

So, there I was, driving down the road on my way home from work. The time was around 7:50am. I was maybe 2 miles from the end of my journey. Wait! What's that brown shape that appeared from behind the building heading for the... Anti-lock brakes start pulsing! Swerve to the right!


I hit the back of the deer. Must have been around the left rear leg, or the back side of the deer. I went from about 40 to between 25 and 30. The deer spun around in a couple circles and fell down in the middle of the opposite lane. I pulled the truck off in the gravel. The guy in the truck behind me kept going. I looked in my mirror, and the deer had gotten up and ran off into the woods.

I pulled down the road a couple hundred feet (maybe that far) into a church parking lot. Didn't see any damage to my truck. Got my umbrella and walked back up the road, but didn't see any signs of the deer.

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